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The Product

“What is the difference between this and Funnel Factories?”

Just want to avoid any confusion here. Funnel Factories are complete “Done for You” funnels complete with fixed giveaways, an OTO and (on the upgrade) an autoresponder sequence. Easy Funnel Maker is a generic funnel maker, so you can use it with any giveaway or OTO etc. Also there are many functions in Easy Funnel Maker software that are not available in Funnel Factories.

Funnel Factories was designed for the beginner or someone who wants a DFY funnel. Easy Funnel Maker is more versatile for advanced users too.

“What will it do?”

The software asks for some information and then takes that and builds 6 squeeze pages (12 in the pro), a professional redirect page, a fully monetized download page and all the legal pages for you.

Take a look the quick demo, below,  to see me make a funnel in about 5 minutes.

“What is new in 2.0 from the original version?”

  • Color picker for traditional & video Squeeze page backgrounds
  • 2 styles of video squeeze pages made
  • “Simple” squeeze page made
  • Unlimited choice for background images on “Guru” style pages
  • Tracking code function added (pro only)
  • Improved exit pop code added (pro version only)
  • Hot “2 step” opt-in buttons on all squeeze page styles (pro version only)




Affiliate Tools

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  • 1. Long “educational” style

    Subjects: The Money is in The F__________!
    How to Make Money While Building Your List


    You have heard it a million times! “The money is in the list!” Well, I woud say that it misses something crucial…

    No money is made just getting people to subscribe to a list. The first thing that should happen is that these people should be redirected t a relevant offer. Then, when they go to download their gift, there should be monetization on that page too.

    A proper funnel like this will make you money as you build your list. But it can be daunting putting this kind of system together…especially for those with limited tech skills.

    That is where Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 comes in. You just add your information to this software wizard and it outputs a complete funnel…everything – even the legal pages all linked and with up to 12 squeezepage designs to split test

    >> Check it out here LINK

    You get all of this – automatically

    – Up to 12 squeeze pages (including traditional, video & “guru” styles)
    – Two Step Opt-in Function (This is HOT!)
    – Professional redirect page to your OTO
    – Fully monetized download page
    – All legal pages, personalized and linked
    – Welcome email with your download page URL & your name inserted

    All of this is made for you in less than 7 minutes – just by copy/pasting the information.

    >> Watch the demo video here (it will blow your mind) LINK

    Hope this helps you make more from listbuilding!

    To your success



    2. Short “Bullets” style

    Subjects: Full Funnel Set Up in Any Niche in 7 Minutes
    Setting up Listbuilding & Sales Funnels Was Never This Easy!


    Setting up a listbuilding & sales funnel in a new niche can be time consuming & expensive. The designing squeezepages, exit pop codes, redirect pages…Agggh!

    This new software cuts through all of the tech headaches and creates fully functioning funnels in less than 7 minutes.

    >> Watch the demo here LINK

    Just copy/paste your information into the software & it makes…

    – Up to 12 squeeze pages (including traditional, video & “guru” styles)
    – Two Step Opt-in Function (This is HOT!)
    – Professional redirect page to your OTO
    – Fully monetized download page
    – All legal pages, personalized and linked
    – Welcome email with your download page URL & your name inserted

    It does all of this in less time than it would take you to install a WP site and add a few expensive plug-ins!

    >> Take a look here & be amazed!

    Speak soon,


    3. Time saver

    Subjects: The 7 Minute Sales Funnel [MUST WATCH]
    Newbies Make Monetized Funnels in 7 Minutes


    We all know that building a list is the best way into any niche…

    But how many people have the time to mess about installing a new WordPress site and then installing plug-ins and themes that not only cost hundreds of dollars but need a degree in rocket science to figure out!

    Well, help is at hand. Barry Rodgers has brought out Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 – a nifty bit of software that cuts through the crap and gets you a monetized listbuilding & sales funnel up in minutes.

    >> Check it out LINK

    With this software even someone completely new can make a fully monetized funnel in ANY NICHE in just minutes

    You see there is
    – No designing
    – No coding
    – No expensive plug-ins to buy
    – No expensive themes to buy

    If you can copy & paste then the software does all the heavy lifting for you! (Including making some HOT “2 Step” opt-in pages)

    >> Watch the demo & be amazed!

    Speak soon



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